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Four Principals of Leadership in these short interviews.

and to Falling Leaves - music and lyrics written and performed by Jeff Endemann, a participant in MoMen 2006. The song was inspired and written during a MoMen weekend.

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"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star"

Workshops & Retreats


MoMen Winter Return

Novelty, Ohio
January 13-16, 2022

The MoMen Return weekend is a return to where we started. It is an exploration into the four principles of presence. The focus is to delve deeply into the relational next steps of the four chambered heart, the four phantoms of fear and the resulting shadow behavior. Dynamic exercises will be provided to support an inward journey and then the opportunity to share these private stories with each other.

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Inspiring Emerging Vision:
An Inward Journey
in the Mountains of Montana

Blacktail Ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana
September 12-16, 2016

Discovering the spirit of the wild we regain the passion of our wild-at-heart human spirit. Exploring the majestic wilderness around us and within us we discover more of the beauty and majesty of humanity.

In indigenous culture the wilderness is called “the place where life begins.” The wilderness embodies and reveals insights to help us move beyond our habitual thought, limiting perceptions, and behavior patterns. It is the place where fear of the future and a deeper lived experience of authenticity and presencing exists.

As we experience nature, an increased awareness to our own inner world of personal existence expands to a new form of connection to our self, others, and the environment surrounding us. 

Experiences in the wilderness challenge us sufficiently to disorient what is familiar and to enable breakthrough thinking. Nature in this sense is the ultimate teacher of living systems. As part of that living system, we can learn to see beyond individual parts to the beauty, patterns, and complexity of the whole.

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Fathers & Sons

Novelty, Ohio

The Fathers & Sons weekend workshop is an exploration into the relationship between Fathers & Sons. The focus is to delve deeply into the relational aspects by revealing our personal stories to each other. Dynamic exercises will be provided to support an inward journey and then the opportunity to share these private stories with each other.

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Norwegian Program

Luster in Sogn, Norway

This is a five-day experience that develops into the four laws of change applied through exploring the archetypal energies of the deep masculine, deep wisdom, deep feminine, and deep caring.

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Intimacy: The Road to Wholeness

Novelty, Ohio

Intimacy for men is often confusing and bewildering. If we listen to the general world, women believe that it is merely a case of our being more vulnerable, whereas men would suggest that it involves sexual closeness. In reality, intimacy for men is the ability to balance presence with vulnerability. Too much presence leads to a stoic, mechanical existence with little real relationship with others. Too much vulnerability leads to a sense of over-exposure, embarrassment, and possibly humiliation.

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Information on programs in Canada, Alberta and Wisconsin will be posted soon.


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